I work at Chick-Fil-A and today I did what I do many days: IPOS. Working with the “Ipad Ordering System,” is one of my favorite jobs because it means I get to be outside taking drive-through orders face to face. Being outdoors means I don’t have to experience the chaos of the indoor lunch rush, instead I get take orders over the sound of a natural breeze. While the pace is fast, the work feels so light as if it is put into perspective by being immersed in the outside world of God’s creation. Sometimes I look through the window to see what looks like 10 people crowded into the drive-through cockpit, scurrying about frantically to stay above water. In busy times like these, it is a known principle that after so many orders, the IPOS team needs to let the window get through a few cars before continuing on. Later today I thought back on what happens at work in light of the difference between what we learn, and what we do as Christians. What we learn can be compared to the IPOS work environment. Much like being beyond the perception of the chaos inside, we take things in through our minds in a way that surpasses reality. We can learn thing after thing, or take order after order without letting our feet hit the ground. However, at some point the system begins to overload back inside or in reality, because orders that never get cashed out, are like lessons that never get applied. Point: Sometimes in order to do what God has called us to do, we need to stop learning more and more, and start doing little by little until theres a spot for more information.